Mina Gökova

Mina Gökova

Business or sector: Education

Provide a variety of materials and resources for children to explore, manipulate and use, both in learning activities and in imaginative play.

Attend to children’s basic needs by feeding them, dressing them, and changing their diapers.

Teach basic skills such as color, shape, number and letter recognition, personal hygiene, and social skills.Establish and enforce rules for behavior, and procedures for maintaining order. Read books to entire classes or to small groups.

And I want to work as a volunteer position

Intern – Erasmus+

Assistente/Estagiária, a partir de setembro de 2021 no AEA

Activities to perform:

  • Teach children basic skills such as identifying colors, shapes, numbers, and letters
  • Work with children in groups or one on one, depending on the needs of children and on the subject matter
  • Plan and carry out a curriculum that focuses on different areas of child development
  • Organize activities so children can learn about the world, explore interests, and develop skills
  • Develop schedules and routines to ensure children have enough physical activity and rest
  • Watch for signs of emotional or developmental problems in each child and bring them to the attention of the child’s parents

Mother tongue: Turkish

Foreign Language: English

Education science

  • Work with individuals, groups and communities to improve mental health
  • Encourage clients to discuss emotions and experiences
  • Examine issues including substance abuse, aging, bullying, anger management, careers, depression, relationships, LGBTQ issues, self-image, stress and suicide
  • Work with families

Pre-school and Psychological counseling and guidance as a double major

Ano letivo: 2021/2022